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Icons for Devil May Cry

Raise a little Hell...

7/21/11 08:40 pm - rosegoddess84 - 4 Anime Dante Icons

Yeah...only 4. Sorry guys. Not much of a post but still, here it is.

Find any of my other icons over at my icon community icon_grotto

If you use any of my icons, please either credit me or the community. Thanks a bunch!

6/28/10 02:10 am - rosegoddess84 - 30 Devil May Cry Icons


Find the rest HERE at icon_grotto

8/10/09 08:25 pm - rosegoddess84

Just 3 icons today. My friend josh_kakashi went to AFO a couple of weekends ago and took a few pictures of a Dante cosplayer for me. Of course, I had to make a few icons of such a nice shot. ;) Enjoy!

Here is the original picture if you'd like to see it in all its wonderful glory.

9/28/08 12:23 am - rosegoddess84 - DMC Anime Mood Theme

Below are just a few samples of my Devil May Cry Anime Mood Theme. I worked very hard on this so please do credit rosegoddess84 if you decide to use it. To save the complete set, please refer to my photobucket account and save the images to your own server. Thanks! I hope you like it!

Full set here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v313/RenaRose/Mood-theme/MY%20DMC/?start=all


9/10/08 11:43 am - rosegoddess84 - Dante Colorbar

One with text and without. Please DO NOT hotlink. Save to your own server. Credit isn't required but it would sure be nice. Enjoy! :D

6/11/08 08:52 pm - rosegoddess84 - Long time no post.

Yeah, I'm alive. Sort of. Anyway,25 Dante icons are under the cut. A few are from the anime while some are from doujinshi's. Comment, credit and enjoy please. :3


*Insert snappy title here*Collapse )

3/1/08 08:52 pm - sibilantmacabre - Yo, people!

Question series, mainly because I'm curious and love commentary: Be warned, spoilers might abound.

1. Who's played and/or beaten the 4th game?

2. Thoughts on Nero (as a character, plz)?

3. Thoughts on the storyline?

4. Favorite cutscene?

5. And last, thoughts on this game's perception of Dante?

I'm looking forward to some of the answers. Enjoy, folks!

10/11/07 08:34 pm - janegray

Here are two new icons, from the DMC anime :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket.....................Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was very undecided whther to make them a pairing or Best Friends Forever. I decided to go with the latter when I realized that, while I've made many icons about pairings, I've never made a single one about platonic friendship ^^

As usual, if you take and use them, credit me in the keywords :)

9/30/07 11:07 pm - sibilantmacabre - Arggh

You guys should have beaten me. I forgot the time limit on my own freaking contest!

We only had one icon maker enter anyways, so I guess vergils_lover wins by default. Although the icons submitted were gorgeous, I have to say. Very good job. Hopefully we'll have some more next time.

Honestly, life's so crazy right now. Not an excuse I know, but just laying it out there. And the holidays are coming, urg.

Anyway, provided I get responses from you guys, I'll dream up another contest and see if we can't garner more interest. C'mon, you folks! I've seen your lovely icons before, let's get creative again!

9/25/07 10:56 am - vergils_lover

My first icon post at this community. Here are some Dante icons:

Read more...Collapse )

There you go. Enjoy!

9/23/07 09:06 pm - sibilantmacabre - Wow, back from hiatus.

Greetings, folks. Your friendly maintainer here with a apology for being away for so long. Life stinks sometimes.

Well, since we're gearing up for the release of the new game, although I know I'll never get my hands on it, blast you ps3, I thought I'd throw out a little challenge.

Accept or not, doesn't matter. Anyway, I've been browsing the net looking at new screen shots of the game and have to admit I like the style. Most of it, anyway.

So, bearing all that in mind, why don't we see who can do some really awesome icons of Dante from DMC 4? The icon must be from a screencap of DMC 4 and must feature Dante only this time. Let's go for stills, too. Animated we can do at a later date. Captions are welcome, but I'm really looking for color and quality.

Post your entries in this blog if you'd like to consider. I don't know what I'll give to the winner, but we'll figure something out. And time limit shall be until Friday to have entries posted and I'll shoot for judging on Saturday or Sunday.

Enjoy, folks!


7/15/07 11:48 pm - rosegoddess84 - We are the children of the night

Just some more icons from the anime. Comment and credit is appreciated. :)


Come get yer icons!Collapse )

7/9/07 02:09 am - rosegoddess84 - More Anime Icons

More icons from the anime. If using, all I ask is that I be credited. Thanks!

6/30/07 02:23 am - rosegoddess84 - Is anybody out there?

Wow...is this community even active anymore? ^^; Anyway, I was watching the 2nd episode of the new DMC anime and felt the urge to make some icons. If you could just credit me in the keywords if you take one that would be wonderful, although it is certainly not required.

And here is the base I used if anyone wants to add their own text to it.

4/14/07 06:39 pm - pink_rain - hope this is alright

it's not exactly icon-related but, sort of eh heh
I was just wondering, does anyone know where I could get a DMC3 mood theme?
... if there are any :3;;;

any help is really appreciated :D;

x-posted to dmc_icons so sorry if you happen to see this more than once >>;;;;

2/10/07 06:47 pm - laryna6 - Layout request

The person who volunteered to do the layout for spardaxeva is unable to, so would anyone here would be willing to make one and a community icon?

I would be willing to write a short fic in exchange, any pairing/scenerio within reason, or in another fandom if I know it (eg. Legacy of Kain, Harry Potter, Yu-gi-oh, Slayers...).

Thank you.

12/9/06 11:33 pm - soulwalkingsoul - Help please?

I'm going to put the description of the screen capture I am looking for under a cut, just in case someone hasn't gotten that far in SMT: Nocturne. :)

from the shadowsCollapse )

Thanks guys!

X-Posed to dmc_icons

9/24/06 07:26 pm - janegray

I just made a new icon, here it is:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you like it, take it, but remember to credit me in the keywords :)

8/27/06 09:44 pm - splendidshadows - Just a Bit More

Hey all! Just a few more DMC icons I made from the American comics. =)

Devil May Cry

Dante x3
Sparda x1
Trish x1
Phantom x1

I'm More Scars Than SkinCollapse )

8/1/06 11:51 pm - ikeybaby32 - just some icons

Hi there i just made some icons and one siggy hope you like em!
pls comment and credit if you're gonna use

cut hereCollapse )

7/28/06 04:50 pm - nocturnal_bliss - icons galore (part 2)

Here's another icon batch I've made. It features:
[5] Johnny Depp (2 Sleepy Hollow, 3 PotC)
[3] V for Vendetta
[9] Devil May Cry series (5 Vergil, 2 Dante, 1 Dante x Vergil, 1 Jester)
[1] The Sins of Thy Beloved
[2] Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit if taking and remember no hotlinking! Enjoy :)

I see a devil inside you has awakened...

7/15/06 10:28 pm - splendidshadows - *Pokes*

Hey. =) I've been a member here for a while but I didn't learn how to make icons till recently. And I'm still learning. >.> But anyway, here's 8 DMC icons I made over at my icon journal. Enjoy. =D

Dante x2
Sparda x3
Mundus x3

Come on Over

7/4/06 11:41 am - janegray

I made a new icon with one of the screencaps provided by darkslayer709. It's just one icon, but it's very appropriate to the big sporting event of these days =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you take it, credit me in the keywords.

6/14/06 01:29 pm - ikeybaby32 - Dante Action fig icons

hi just wanted to share some icons with you guys.
pls comment and credit if using. :)

5/23/06 10:45 pm - janegray

Three new icons :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting......Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting......Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you take any of them, credit me in its keywords :)

5/10/06 08:47 pm - nocturnal_bliss

Hello all,
This is my first time posting here and I've made some icons out of boredom. Enjoy!
onto the rest!

4/19/06 09:09 pm - linkubuschick - More icons!

x 11 Dante
x 3 Dante and Vergil
x 2 Vergil
16 icons total

The Rules:
  • No hotlinking.
  • Please credit and comment!
  • Textless icons are not bases.
the demon lover the superslut from hellCollapse )

4/17/06 07:29 pm - linkubuschick - Icon Dump--First-Timer

'Ello! First timer at iconsfordante. I just made these today. I'm fairly new at icon making, so be gentle.

  • No hotlinking. It makes the baby Jesus cry.

  • Textless icons are NOT bases.

  • Credit and comment please!
Credits: The "put your mouth on the curb" icon uses the phrase from American History X. The "barrel of the gun" text icon uses a title from a Depeche Mode song called (duh) "Barrel of a Gun".

If anyone wants the links to the websites where these images came from, please let me know which image you want the original link for.

x1 Vergil
x6 Dante from DMC2 (personally, I think DMC2's game play sucked, but it is the most aesthetically pleasing for me)
x7 Dante from DMC3
14 total

(Oh Dante, You Such a) Tease(r)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Behind this cut are some handsome devilsCollapse )

4/16/06 10:55 pm - kidavi - some quick ones~

A few quick icons.

[The statue icons are from the DMC3 Soundbook.]

Credit is required. A username tag in comments will do. :D

Please comment if taking.

1. 2. 3.

3 more under hereCollapse )

(x-posted to applicable icon/goodie comms.)

4/12/06 04:24 pm - laryna6

Image hosting by Photobucket
Character: Trish
Fandom: Devil May Cry
#icons in post: 100
#new icons: 21, 80-100
Teaser: Image hosting by Photobucket
Not even going to bother with a fake cut
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